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Amazing Wedding Gifts

Amazing Silver Gift Items For Wedding

Silver Plated Wedding Gifts for those of you who are unversed, Indian weddings are an extremely grand affair. They usually last from 3-4 days until an entire week. They are no less than a festival where the couple, their parents, relatives, friends, and colleagues come together to celebrate the union of not only two individuals but two families. 

The celebration starts with the worship of the Hindu Lord Ganesha also revered as “Vighna Harta” or the remover of all obstacles. This is an intimate affair that takes place on the bride’s side with the couple and close family in presence. It is followed by a Mehendi ceremony where the bride, the women in her family, and her friends apply intricate Henna designs on their hands as the symbol of love. Close and extended family members are present at this event and people sing songs and dance in celebratory fashion. Next in the line is the Haldi (Turmeric) ceremony which takes place individually on the Bride’s as well as the Groom’s side. A concoction of Turmeric, Sandalwood, Saffron, Milk, etc. is applied to the bodies of the couple to boost radiance on their skin. It also marks the end of their bachelorhood and the beginning of their married life. And, finally, the wedding and reception day arrives where the families are tied in an eternal union for lives to come. 

So, to sum it up, Hindu weddings are lavish. Wedding gifts are exchanged on each of these special occasions. The gifts can range up to something very simple from Silver Coins to something as extravagant as gemstone jewelry. People may also present clothes, edibles, money, god figurines, cookware, cosmetics, and so much more to the bride, groom, and their families.  

However, shopping for marriage gifts, anniversary gifts can be very confusing. It is not a menial task in any sense. Hence, Ekaani has brought this handy guide sharing some amazing silver gift items for the wedding that everyone is going to love.  

Wedding Gifts by Ekaani 

With Ekaani, you can order gift items from the convenience of your home or shop for them at our local dealerships near you. In either case, we ensure that the goods being delivered to you are of premium quality. 

Here are some wedding gift ideas put together by our specialists:


As mentioned above in this article, Lord Ganesha is believed to be the remover of all obstacles in the Hindu religion. He is also the symbol of prosperity, good luck, wisdom, and stability. Hence, what better to gift than the idol of Arch Ganesha to a newlywed couple. The USP of Ekaani’s Silver Plated Ganesha idol is that it comes with an antique silver finish. And, symbolizes brilliance and radiance. So, all in all, this gift option is a full package in itself. 


Our 2 in 1 dry fruit boxes are crafted with love. These are silver coated and are perfect to be presented as wedding gifts or gifts for any other occasion. You can even fill them with an assortment of nuts of sweets. These come in a dimension of 5×22.5×8.5 cm. We are sure the couple will cherish your gifts for days to come.  Besides just the couple, these boxes can be presented to the guests at the wedding. 


You can help the newlywed couple in organizing their life by presenting them with Ekaani’s 4 Bowl Stand. This is again a silver-coated item that will oomph up the elegance of the space where it is kept. It is so beautiful to look at that you will have people asking questions about this one. Besides, antique and precious bowls can be organized safely in it. 

In case you are looking for bulk wedding gifts option for your guests, you will be glad to know that Ekaani also deals in bulk orders. Just fill out the form on our website on this link: https://www.ekaani.com/bulk-purchase/ and we will be glad to assist you.

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