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Corporate Gift

Affordable and Best Corporate Gift Items that Clients Love

Presenting gifts is a prolonged tradition in the corporate world during any special occasion. Great gifts are either presented or exchanged with clients, employees, or vendors.  Every company reserves a set budget that goes into the pursuit of corporate gifting each year. Considering that the expenses are already earmarked, it is pragmatic that the gift options are within budget, high in quality, and to the liking of employees and clients alike. 

However, for most companies, corporate gifting is a tedious affair. The HR selects lousy gifts much to the discontentment of employees and clients.  As a result, these gifts do not add any real value for those people who are “actually driving your business.” In fact, they do not think twice before passing them on to someone else as carelessly as the gifts were presented to them.  

However, the thumb rule behind corporate gifting is the same as giving gifts on any other occasion. The gifts should be such that people cherish them for times to come. They should be useful enough so that they keep getting reminded of these extra special gifts.  

Hence, we have bought this guide on affordable and best corporate gift items that clients love. This blog offers tips on corporate gifting and some extra special gift ideas.  

Fundamentals Of Corporate Gifting You Must Know 

As there are do’s and dont’s for nearly everything in the world, the same applies to presenting corporate gifts. If you wish to win a “wow” instead of a “duh”, just play by these basic rules: 

  • Refrain From Promoting Yourself 

The purpose of giving corporate gifts is to express your gratitude towards the association with your clients and the hard work that your employees put in for your business. Try not to make this affair gimmicky by trying to promote yourself. 

If you are investing your efforts and finances, let something meaningful come out of it. While there is no harm in inserting a compact business logo on your gift items, do be too loud or try to market yourself. Employees and clients feel aversion towards such acts. 

In case your gift is useful, the recipient will remember it irrespective of the fact if you insert your business logo in it or not.  

  • No Matter What, Do Not Compromise on The Quality

Forget corporate gifting and imagine this for a moment. You have purchased a gift item for a family member. As soon as the gift is unwrapped, you see that it is broken. How will it make you and the recipient feel? Your clients and employees may not be your family members but, are they any less humans? While you may not need to give them something extravagant, you can at least try to not compromise on the quality.  

It is wise to set a budget beforehand and explore your options. Once, you do pick out only the top-quality options you have in hand. 

  • Remember To Gift Only What Is Appropriate 

Corporate gifting is absolutely different from giving a gift to your family, relatives, and friends. Hence, you will have to stick to certain guidelines while presenting corporate gifts.  

Most importantly, your gift items should be appropriate and must not come across as a personal favor to any employee or bribe to your clients or vendors. 

Consulting different people and taking their opinion might help you to determine the best gift options. 

Sticking to these fundamentals will help you in not just giving the perfect gift but also win praises for the same. Let us quickly proceed to look at some interesting gift ideas that you can present during corporate gifting occasions

The Best Corporate Gift Ideas 

Keeping all the three guidelines shared above, we have brought to you perfect gift ideas that you can present during corporate occasions to your clients as well as employees: 

  1. Silver God Figurines 

What best way other than starting your day with God by your side? Moreover, who does not need a little luck and a lot of blessings? Silver God Figurines are the most ideal gift options for corporate occasions. These are extensively available, usually high quality, and very easy on your pockets. 

  1. Peacock Mobile Stands 

Will you mind having a really exotic looking mobile stand at your work desk? Besides, a mobile stand will keep your life sorted. It can stop employees from getting distracted due to constant nudging from their smartphone devices. Moreover, it can stop people from losing their phones by casually keeping it there and there and forgetting about them. 

  1. Silver Trays 

Silver Trays are very clever presents that can be gifted to clients. They also add a bit of luxury.  Your clients will definitely feel happy to receive them.  You can club up this gift item with a box of sweets or chocolates and the recipient will cherish it for days to come.  

  1. Chess Set

How about adding a little amusement in the life of your employees and clients outside of work? There is no better way than to gift them a chess set. It is also a very productive way to exercise people’s brains and their decision-making skills. The best part is that your clients and employees will definitely thank you for it. 

  1.  Silver Cutlery Set 

How about a gift item that lets the recipient use it on a day-to-day basis. Nothing embodies luxury and class as perfectly as silvery cutlery does. Gift them to your employees and clients and let them be reminded of your gesture every day. 

So, that was our 2-cents on the perfect corporate gifting approach you should adopt for every occasion. Do try out these ideas. Do not forget to share this blog with your colleagues if the ideas happen to work out for you. 

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