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Diwali Gift ideas

Best Diwali Gift Items That Fits In Your Budget

Diwali is a festival celebrated with great fervor by Hindus not just in our country but, all across the world. It is also called the “Festival Of Lights” as it rekindles our spirits with the virtue of doing good and being kind towards one an all. It marks the victory of Lord Rama over Demon King Ravana and return to Ayodhya, which is his birth place, after 14 years of being sentenced to exile with his wife Goddess Sita, and younger brother Lord Laxmana. 

People worship the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi who are the symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune in the Hindu culture. It is believed that the natives of Ayodhya lit up the city of Ayodhya with earthen lamps to celebrate Lord Rama’s return. Hindu people do the same thing and light up their houses with candles, diyas, etc. With time, it has become a ritual to burst fire crackers on Diwali. However, it contributes to a lot of pollution and people with health and respiratory diseases suffer a lot due to the toxic fumes from fire crackers. In fact, some innocent animal lives are also lost because of injuries from crackers. And, this is completely against the spirit of Diwali.  

Hence, we will discuss in this guide safer and more sustainable gift items for Diwali. These gifts can easily be given to a close family member, relative, friend, or even a colleague. In fact, with festivities already around the corner many e-commerce sites offer gifts of Diwali at discounted rates. If you are unwilling to step out in the current pandemic, these gifts can be offered easily from the comfort of your home, while you stay safe indoors. 

So, let us look at some of the Best Diwali Gift Items That Fits In Your Budget. 

  1. Noritake Alluring Fields 17 Pcs Dinner Set 

Noritake offers a wide variety of luxury dinner sets that are practical as well as sturdy.  The Alluring Fields 17 pcs a dinner set is a perfect option for gifting or personal use to be used during intimate family events including Diwali night lunch or dinner feasts. It is a perfect Diwali gift as it gives you a reason to bond together with all your loved ones over food. 

  1. Amethyst TeaLight Pair 

Ekaani is the leading provider of luxury gift items across the country. The Ekaani Amethyst TeaLight Pair is a product of Ekaani Handicrafted. It is a very elegant tealight set that is perfect to be given away as the best gift for Diwali. High quality amethyst is used in its making and it is also very lightweight. Although small, it can light up big places as the light reflects elegantly through the amethyst bedazzling everyone in the surrounding. 

  1.  Flower Bowl Set of Two 

A product of Ekaani Porcelain, the flower bowl set is not just a perfect gift for Diwali but also for every festive occasion. This 2 pcs flower bowl set is widely preferred by people for not just serving purposes but, also as an home decor item. They are so elegant and delicate in their appeal that they can jazz up any space where they are kept. The Flower Bowl Set Of Two is the perfect gift for Diwali as you can serve dry fruits and nuts to your guests in them. 

  1. Ganesha Colour (Matt)

There is nothing like gifting the Ganesha Colour Idol by Ekaani with silver finish to your loved ones to bring them prosperity, wealth, and fortune all at once. Ekaani’s professionals meticulously craft these idols and look impressive wherever they are kept. You can enhance the beauty of the puja space by including this wonder Lord Ganesha idol at your home as well. The Ganesha Colour idol comes with a red tint which adds to the overall monochromatic look giving it a quirky character all over. 

  1. Silver Plated Bear Money Bank 

We cannot forget to include something for children in this list and for that the Ekaani Silver Plated Bear Money Bank is the best Diwali Gift. What better than teaching kids the virtue and importance of saving money on Diwali? Not only children enjoy this gift because of its cute appeal but it also doubles up as a great home decor piece. The silver finish gives a very elegant look to the money bank. 

We have tried to present a list that is exhaustive of gift options for people from all age groups. In case you are wondering where to buy these gifts, you can simply visit Ekaani’s website on We also offer bulk order services and hassle free delivery of ordered diwali gift items. If you are looking for more Diwali gift ideas, you can visit our website and talk to our service experts. They will guide you in terms of what fits your budget, availability, delivery time, etc. 

This festive season do give Ekaani a chance to serve you and bring a smile on your faces. We request you to please stay home, stay safe, and keep shopping with us online. 

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