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Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients And Employees

Corporate Gift Ideas For Clients And Employees

Gifts intrigue all people regardless of their age or gender. They are reminiscent of the feelings of love, care, and generosity. Hence, it is imperative to present gifts that recipients can cherish in the longer run. It is aptly said that more than the cost of the gifts it is the thought that matters.  

Corporate Gifting has been prevalent since ages. The practice of corporate gifting involves presenting employees and clients with gifts by the employer as a token of gratitude for their contribution in the business. Most organizations practice the corporate gift giving policy to their employees on an yearly interim. In fact, many firms go beyond the annual cycle and also present festive or holiday gifts. 

However, irrespective of the occasion, a gift should be given thoughtfully so that it may be useful to the recipient in the future. And, we have forgotten this virtue of gift giving somewhere along the way. We end up giving gifts that are often rendered useless due to lack of utility for the recipient. It is imperative to understand the do’s and don’ts of business gift to be successful in the pursuit. 

The trend of employee gifting can be trickier than it appears to be. It is unlike giving gifts to your close relatives or friends. Hence, it is necessary that we tread carefully on this path. It is easier to give gifts to relatives or family members because we have an idea as to what they may like. However, the client or employee gifting can be tricky and you feel bogged down with the pressure of meeting the expectations of the recipient. Nevertheless, it is worth making a hundred percent of your efforts to show your employees and partners that they are the most valued resources for your business. Hence, it becomes very important to choose the right corporate gifts for clients.  

In view thereof, here is a small on unique corporate gifts ideas for your employees and client. You can follow this guide for corporate gifting on any occasion. 

When Should You Give Corporate Gifts? 

Festivities, promotions, corporate events, milestone achievement etc. are the best occasions where you can acknowledge the contribution of your employees and clients towards the company. Besides that anniversaries and birthdays are also fit for giving great gifts to them. A little gifting gesture from the business management can make the employees feel valued and motivated. However, one must not go overboard and have little breathers between each frequency of corporate gifting. In case, two or more festivals are falling back to back, giving one company gift shall be sufficient.  

Things you should Keep In Mind While Giving Corporate Gifts 

We have already established the fact in the beginning of this blog that giving corporate gifts is different than gifting on personal occasions. Hence there are a certain things that we must consider while distributing business gifts: 

  • Personalize your gifts whenever possible. You can get in touch with a service provider which deals into custom gifts. Personalizing your gifts can include your company logo and brand name. Alternatively, you can also write the name of the founder or CEO of your company and include a personalized greeting message. 
  • Never compromise with the quality of your gifts. Remember clients and employees are your most valuable assets. Hence, make them feel honored by giving them gifts to show how much they really mean to the business. Even if you have a limited budget, try to spend it wisely and buy something that will be useful for the recipient. 
  • Corporate Gifting is not the opportunity to self-promote. Hence, please refrain from doing so as it can go wrong on many levels. Moreover, it just spoils the point of giving gifts in the first place. 
  • Draw a line between what you can and cannot gift to your employees and clients. It should be appropriate and at the same time match the values that your business exhibits. 

And, we understand that choosing gifts for employees and clients can be tiring as well as time-consuming. Here are a few unique corporate gift ideas to choose from: 

1. Bird Napkin Holder 

During festivities, people require to use napkins quite often during or after lunch or performing rituals, etc. Ekaani’s silver plated napkin holder are not only elegant in appearance but also high in utility. It can adorn the spot where it is kept as a showpiece and pulling napkins from it is also very handy. It is also the perfect gift that beautifully substitutes desk accessories.  

2. Flower Tray 

Flowers are poured as an offering on the idols of Gods and Goddesses during pooja. Hence, offering a silver flower to your business partners and staff can be very useful closer to the festivities. Ekaani’s flower trays are not only spacious but also very easy to clean and maintain. 

3. Long Stick Bookmark With Oblong Head 

This is Ekaani’s most popular gift item. It is not only unique and classy in its looks but also a high-utility gift for book readers. Unlike paper bookmarks, they do not get torn and can be used for really long periods of time. 

4. Bowl With Swarovski 

What speaks luxury better than Swarovski crystals? Pamper your clients and colleagues with a beautiful bowl adorned with Swarovski crystals that they can cherish whenever they scoop a spoon of ice-cream, or eat dessert in it.  

Whether you are looking forward to giving great gifts on corporate occasions, festivals, anniversaries, or birthdays to your clients and staff, Ekaani is your one-stop solution. We are the leading providers of luxury gift items. 

You can order our gift units in bulk very conveniently by walking into a physical retail store or even order them online. We will deliver them to you hassle-free. 

You can also order from a range of premium brands that we stock including Rosenthal, Waterford, Noritake, Chinelli, etc. 

Do give us a chance to serve you with great gift items and we guarantee that you will keep coming back to us for more and more gift items.

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