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Glamorous Home Decor In Budget

Glamorous Home Decor In Budget

The prospect of decorating a home might be intimidating for many people because of the costs involved. However, it does not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket every time. Hence, we wish to share a few clever home decor ideas with you today.  

Jazzing up your home can give it a new life and elicit feelings of positivity in its occupants. Decorating is also a way to raise the glam quotient of your abode. But, what is a decor worth if it cannot win a few praises? We all know that most people hire some professional help for decorating homes. However, doing so might not be possible for everyone. 

Hence, in this guide, we do not only share the fundamentals but also reasonable alternatives for glamorous home decor in budget. Join us as we get a little creative and take you on this no-fuss trip to decorating your home. 

The Secrets Of Glamorous Home Decor 

This section will educate you about the basic guidelines that you will need to follow when planning to glam up your rooms. 

  1. Pick the Defining Style

At the very outset, you will need to define how your space feels and appears. This will require you to pick up the defining design style for your apartment or home. 

For instance, you can either pick a modern or an ethnic style or combine both to create the aesthetic for your room.  

In case you are going for a modern style design, you can consider including edgy elements such as a coffee table, artificial lights, and use a little faux fur for upholstery. 

In case you want to go for an ethnic room feel, you can include silver god figurines, candle holders, earthen lanterns, plants in clay pots, etc. 

  1. Decide the Color Palette

The next important thing to do after deciding the design style is to choose the color palette. If you have settled on ethnic elements, make sure that there is enough quirk in the palette. Modern decor elements require earthy and muted tones.  

The other way is to choose the color paletted of your decor based on your surroundings such as the color of your walls, furniture, etc. Always choose a palette that stands in contrast with the surroundings even if you are choosing the color of the same family. For instance, if your walls are a muted brown in color, then you should choose a very dark woody brown palette for your decor items.  

As per the color theory, all colors are divided into three groups, name the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Based on what is soothing for your eyes and calming for your mind can be the third basis of finalizing the color palette for your home.  

  1. Choose Your Accessories Carefully 

The accessories you use while decorating your home should reflect your personality. Set a budget and try to buy the accessories staying within that limit. Decorating on a budget is not impossible. 

Use options like faux fur, lighting fixtures, imitation decor items to glam up your room instantly. This is one-way od doing glam on a budget. 

You can include some luxury pieces here and there. No matter what, do not compromise on the quality of the accessories. As they are the only piece of the project that will make your efforts worthwhile.  

Keeping the above fundamentals in mind will help you in putting together the space feel. Let us quickly run through some budget-friendly items you can incorporate in your home decor ideas. 

Home Decor Fix on a Budget 

Ekaani is the pioneer retailer of premium and budget-friendly home decor items. Our offerings include a wide variety of wedding gifts, corporate gifts, home decor, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc. Our customers can choose from a total of 500 SKUs starting from INR 700 only. 

We stock distinctive luxurious and high-end brands at our stores. Our customers can avail seasonal discounts and incentives upon shopping with us. Besides having retail connectivity Pan India, you can also shop for home decor items from our online web store. 

Our customer services team is really efficient and you can reach them for support around the corner 24×7. You can also conveniently order home decor items in bulk from us. 

Let us guide you with a few options of home decor handpicked by our specialists: 

  1. 4 Glass Diamonds Candle Light

A very exquisite and premium looking candle holder, this piece exuberates luxury like nothing else. It comes with 4 diamond crystal tops that can frame and elevate the beauty of speciality candles. It is the perfect decor set for reclaiming as well as replenishing your living or dining space.  

Its glossiness can be maintained very conveniently by wiping it with a dry sponge on a day-to-day basis.  Place it in the center of the table and people will be asking you questions about it. 

  1. Large Gold Chess 

Nothing speaks class as Chess does. And, at Ekaani we do not offer just another lousy Chess set to your customers. Our Chess boards with wooden frames and gold plated material look very antique and premium. Keep it in your living room or add it to your bar space to impress your visitors. 

Maintenance is quite very convenient. You can use a wet sponge dipped in liquid soap and wipe the board daily. And, just when you are getting board it will also come in handy to entertain you and your friends. 

  1. Wine Bottle Holder

Wondering how to sort your bar space? Add our beautiful wine holder and sort the aesthetics as well as storage concerns.  Our silver wine bottle holders are great pieces to be shown off to both friends and family alike. 

They can be as easily maintained as the Candle Light Sets. They are also great gift items to be presented to loved ones. 

  1. Bee Containers 

Not all containers deserve to be stocked in the kitchen. At least not our Bee Containers. You totally deserve to flaunt them as decor pieces in your dining room. Store some nuts and edibles in these containers and they do the double duty of curbing your hunger pangs as well as adding to the aesthetics.  

At Ekaani, we understand the sentimental attachment each one of you feels towards your home. Hence, we do not bother going the extra mile to make your shopping experience as pleasing as possible. So, shop up with us and allow us to be a part of your home. And, if you do, we will love to hear the feedback.  

If you liked our tips shared in this blog, do us a favor by sharing it with your friends and family. 

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