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Luxurious Corporate Gift

Luxurious Corporate Gift Items That Fit in Your Budget.

Luxurious Corporate gifting has become a trend in most organizations irrespective of their size. Whether in board meetings, events, conferences, seminars, work anniversaries, birthday parties, or festive celebrations, corporate gifting has become a mandatory practice. Management of the company exchanges gifts with clients, colleagues, managers, and subordinates to acknowledge their year-long association and diligence. Corporate gifts are also exchanged mutually to promote goodwill. 

Whenever you attend a business conference or event, small goodie bags, freebies, etc. can be seen lying in the corner of every stall. While all of these corporate gifts may look attractive with their outside packaging, the utility is high only for a handful. So, how should you choose useful luxurious corporate gift items that fit in your budget? How can you stop the recipient from straight up chucking your gift in the trash? The science is simple. Rather than presenting gifts that just look attractive, we should present gifts that are utilitarian. For instance, you could start including something that is edible or even wearable. 

Here are a few rules that you can follow to shop for useful and luxurious corporate gift items that fit in your budget: 

1. Extend The Culture Beyond Work 

Work is an everyday affair at every organization. What is the unique proposition about your business that can make clients and employees stick with you for the longer run? It is the culture at and beyond work.  

Luxurious Corporate gifts that reflect the culture of your organization are perfect gifting items as they will help the recipient feel inclusive. Here are a few things that you can present to share your culture at and beyond work: 

a). Bookmark Corporate Gift

To break free from stress at work, people often resort to reading books and novels. If you know a few avid readers in your clientele or staff, the bookmark corporate gift is the best buy. Priced at just INR 450/- not only this corporate gift is easy on your pocket but also looks extremely attractive. This is the best gift you can share with a bookworm. Besides looking attractive this is very useful as it will help you in picking up reading right where you left it. Apart from storybooks and novels, this can be used to label photo albums, important documents, and a lot more. The bookmark corporate gift comes with a silver finish and is very convenient to maintain. 

b). Diamond Wine Stopper 

Do your employees love to bond over liquor at the end of a productive week? In that case, the diamond wine stopper is the perfect corporate gift option for them. The diamond shape of this stopper is very carved very intricately with hands. These are suitable for many events such as cocktails, bachelorettes, or even house parties. Sure to make head turns, the recipients are going to love the diamond wine stoppers.   

2.  Share Some Piousness 

Worship and festivities are a great way to bond. Also, what better gift is there than to share the blessing of gods and goddesses with someone? This Diwali, you can gift silver plated god idols to your colleagues, clients, and staff. 

God idols are not only beautiful to be given away as presents but they are very useful as well. Here are a few gift ideas of God idols that will fit your budget: 

a). Crown Ganesha 

Ganesha is the deity of prosperity, success, health, harmony, wisdom, and a lot more. There is nothing more auspicious than the idol of lord Ganesha that can be gifted during festivities. Besides households, Ganesha idols are preferred in corporate settings because they eliminate negative energy and foster success. Maintaining silver plated Ganesha idols is very convenient. They can be easily wiped off with a wet microfiber cloth. Priced at only INR 1520/- the Crown Ganesha is the best corporate gift for Diwali. 

b). Lotus Diya 

Lotus is the symbol of spirituality, traditions, success, and peace. The silver plated Lotus Diya is not only a beautiful but very useful gift to be given away during festivities. The recipient will surely love and adorn it in their homes. It is a hand crafted gift which is very unique. Placing a lit up Lotus Diya in your Mandir will instantly beautify the setup. Priced at only INR 1400/- the silver plated Lotus Diya is a very affordable and best corporate gift item.  

Ekaani is the retailer of all the above mentioned luxurious corporate gift items that fit in your budget. You can walk into our stores located across the country or simply order these corporate gift items on our website from the safety of your home. 

We have a strong customer support team that will remain available to help you with your queries and feedback all around the clock. You can also order bulk corporate gift items from us. 

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