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Beautiful Silver Pooja Items For Diwali Gifts

Beautiful Silver Pooja Items For Diwali Gifting

Diwali is the festival of lights, brightness, prosperity, and goodluck. It is celebrated with great joy and fervor across the country. People from all ages and walks of life look forward to celebrating this festival. It gives the opportunity to family and friends to come together, pray, party, feast, and exchange gifts.  

The day of this festivity starts with a lot of  hard work as the entire household has to be cleaned and made spick and span. The entire family takes part in this chore. Cleaning  is done to pave the entrance for the lords into homes and bless them. The cleaning of the home is followed by decorations that includes lighting earthen lamps or candles, making beautiful color patterns on the doorposts, hanging streamers, beautifying the place of worship, and a lot more. As the evening approaches, the entire family comes together to pray to lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi.

They are the symbol of good luck, prosperity, health, and everything good in the Hindu culture. Sweet and savory delicacies are offered to the Gods and people ask for their blessings in return. This is followed by seeking blessings from the elders of the household. And, after this the celebrations begin. As a gesture of goodwill and gratitude, people visit all the families in their neighborhood to exchange gifts and sweets. The youngest members of the family have the best share of fun as they are gifted firecrackers, chocolates, money, brand new clothes, gadgets, or money. Next in line comes feasting. Delicious dishes are cooked that are enjoyed by everyone alike. The feast consists of vegetarian dishes and desserts only. At last, people step out of their homes to burst firecrackers and this event can go on till late hours in the night. 

The most important event of Diwali is the exchanging of gifts. It is the way of thanking family, friends, and neighbours for their generosity, and year-long support. Elders of the family give gifts to the younger generation, husbands give gifts to wife, siblings exchange gifts, and so much more happens during the festival. Diwali is both preceded and followed by many other festivities such as Dushhera, Navratri, Dhanteras, Goverdhan Puja, Bhai Dooj, Durga Puja, Chatt, etc.  Hence, to choose unique gifts for all of these festivals can be a little tedious and confusing. 

Silver is considered to be a very auspicious metal. Hence, it is the perfect gift item to be given during Diwali as well as other festivals. Silver is a white lustrous metal. Hence, silver gift items have high decorative value. Silver gift items are relatively much more affordable than other metals. Thus, they are the best and beautiful silver pooja items for Diwali gifting. The benefit of purchasing silver gift items for Diwali is that something unique can be found for all genders and ages. Moreover, something different can be bought for every occasion because they are always so many options when it comes to Premium Silver Diwali gifts. 

There are a lot of distinctive offline and online gifting brands that deal in silver items. However, gifts are not something that shall be given away leisurely. Rather, the recipients must be able to cherish them lifelong. Hence, it is not worth much if you pick up your gift items from any shop off the corner. This is where online luxury gifting brands come to your rescue. 

Ekaani is one such saviour. We deal in luxury and premium gifting items for festive, corporate, and wedding occasions. We have a large selection of gifting items to choose from besides silver. However, people adore our silver gifting options because they exuberate luxury.  

Shared below is the list of few silver gift items for Diwali:

  1. 3-Bowl Centerpiece:

The 3-bowl centerpiece comes with silver dip and micron plating. It is protected with anti-tarnish lacquering so you don’t have to worry about the oxidization of the silver plating. The maintenance of the gift items is pretty easy. Just clean it with a dry cloth. This centerpiece is a great gift item because of its high utility as well as decorative value. 

  1. Bear Money Bank: 

Money banks are considered as lucky gift items as it is. Hence, this is probably the 

Best choice you have in the list. The bear money bank comes with silver dip and micro plating. It is coated with anti-tarnish lacquering to prevent the blackening of the surface. Maintaining the gift item is pretty easy as it can be wiped off with a clean and dry cloth.   

  1.  Bird Napkin Holder: 

The silver plated bird napkin holder is a very beautiful decorative piece and it is high on utility as well. Adorn it in the center of the dining table and it will instantly elevate the grace of the set up. Like other gift items on this list this item too comes with silver dip, micron plating, and anti-tarnish lacquering to prevent oxidization of silver.  

For more such silver plated gift ideas, you may log on to the silver-plated gift section on our website: We guarantee premium quality and strong customer support in case the need arises. 

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