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Wedding gift ideas
Wedding gift ideas

Stunning Gift Ideas for a Luxurious Wedding

We Indians like our weddings to be big, fat, and grand! We spend weeks and months researching for gifts to suit the grandiosity of the affair. We want our weddings to be grander than that of the son of that one aunt or neighbour. In order to ensure this, we go lengths and breadths looking for the best and luxurious gift items in the online and offline marketplace. We spend big bucks to shop for premium quality gifts and goodies.  However, a fact that we tend to overlook is that the best gifts are the ones that the couple and relatives can cherish each day of their lives. Hence, we should always put in a little though before purchasing gifts be it for a wedding or some other occasion. 

Wedding gifts are a way through which relatives shower affection and care for the bride and groom. Families of the couple exchange them as a token of respect and goodwill. Those relatives who attend the wedding ceremony directly handover the gifts to the bride and groom on the day of the wedding. These gifts can be in the form of jewelry, cash, silverware, appliances, crockery, etc. Relatives exchange sweets, cash, clothes, silverware, assorted nuts, god idols, figurines, etc. Those unable to attend the ceremony have the option to parcel the gifts to the newlyweds at their home.


Given the fact that weddings are a week-long affair in our country, the task of choosing gifts can often prove to be tedious. While our mother, father, uncle, or aunts, should practically be relaxing and enjoying the wedding, they are burdened with shopping for separate gifts for Mehendi, Sangeet, Baraat, and Reception Eve besides other tasks.  

While shopping for gifts for the couple, it is pragmatic to buy gifts that match their interests. For instance, if the bride is fond of home decor and aesthetics, you can gift her a centrepiece, candle holder, frames, vases, etc. whereas bar accessories would make up for a perfect gift for the groom for hosting a game night or casual evening with friends. Dinner sets and crockery are the ideal gifting options for someone who loves cooking and like to host feasts for their loved ones. 

Ekaani is the leading provider of luxurious wedding gift and invitation items in India. We offer over 500 SKUs starting from INR 700/- onwards only. We know that gifts do not have to cost a bomb. 

You can choose from several luxurious brands under one roof. We also offer regular discounts and incentives to our shoppers.  And, not only do we have retail brand stores all across the country, but you can also shop for wedding gift items online on our website. If that is not enough, we have a dedicated team that offers 24×7 support services to our shoppers. We also provide the facility of bulk ordering gifts items. So, if you are looking for any assistance related to luxurious gift shopping this season, we are right here for you. 

PEACOCK BOX BLUE-0Ekaani delivers premium quality products to its customers at the best prices in the market. Our silver gilded wedding gifts are a huge hit amongst shoppers. Our wedding invitation boxes can be customized according to your fancy or theme. Our range of pure silver plated gifts for wedding includes baskets with lids, candy bowls, photo frames,  trays, condiment boxes, collation sets, and so much more. And, if you want to bestow blessings and well-being to the newlyweds or their family, you can also choose from our god idols, pure silver diyas, and so much more. Brides get a lot of jewelry as a gift by her parents, in-laws, and other relatives during the wedding. Since all these jewelry pieces have great sentimental values attached to them for a newly married woman, these should be stored in something that is crafted with special care. Our silver plated gift items for wedding also includes jewelry boxes that are the answer to all the jewelry storage-related hassle.  

At Ekaani, we value our customers like our own family. And, we understand the emotions people go through while marrying their children. Hence, we do our best to make your shopping experience as convenient and smooth as possible. We are your A-team when it comes to wedding gift items.

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