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Top 5 Office-Based Gifts to Give for Birthday

You help this team achieve great heights, and we are so lucky to have you working with our organization. We hope that you achieve nothing but the very best in all your pursuits. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Enjoy your day today! 

Just a birthday wish to your employee on behalf of his/her team or the HR. Will it suffice?

It may as long as you want it to. However, you as an employer can go the extra mile in making an employee’s birthday really special. The best examples of a great organization is where the employees are taken well care of. 

We understand that you may lack the budget of giving gifts on a regular basis. Hence, you can rise to the occasion such as birthdays or work anniversaries of your employees and make them feel acknowledged for their contributions towards the company’s best interests. 

It is said that giving gifts to an employee can be a tricky process, but only if you believe it to be so. Planning ahead of time will help you avoid choosing random meaningless things. Knowing the interests of every employee in an organization can be a challenging endeavor. However, you can at the least make sure that every employee has a memorable experience on his/her birthday. While a personal present is always best, it can be difficult to know everyone in a large organisation well enough to pick the perfect gift – and to make sure everyone gets a fair and equal birthday experience.

We have curated a list of top-5 office based gifts to give for birthday. These options are not only great but also help you to stay within safe boundaries of corporate gifts without the risk of getting too personal or awkward. 

1. Infuser Water Bottle

A good employer is one who is willing to look beyond only employee performances. You can make sure that your employees stay well hydrated by gifting them an infuser water bottle. These come in battery operated and non-battery operated variants. With the former one can see the temperature of the infused water stored inside the bottle. Essentially, infuser water bottles contain an infusing cavity in which fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. can be put. This cavity is suspended inside the bottle and has small holes on its surface. Once you fill the bottle with water, all the nutrients, vitamins, flavors, etc. from the vegetables and fruits get infused into the water. 

2. Blue Ray Blocking Glasses 

ext item on the list also deals with the well-being of your employee. Blue-ray blocking glasses are spectacles that block the blue rays getting emitted by digital screens and stop them from harming our eyesight. These glasses can be customized into zero-power glasses as well and both people who have a weak eyesight and those with perfect eyesight can use them. Blue – ray blocking glasses are available easily for very affordable prices and can be paired with a stylish set of frames. 

3. Gift Cards 

Your employees work so hard for you and sustain your business on their shoulders. Hence, there is no harm in indulging them and making them feel pampered at least once in a year. Gift cards are perfect gift options as they can be customized in every sense possible. Whether it’s the budget or choice of gift, there is everything to fit your needs. Gift cards are prepaid cards that can be topped up with a certain amount. These are available for fashion apparels, cosmetics, electronic appliances, and a lot more things. Top up the gift card as per your liking and make your employee’s birthday the best day ever in his/her life.  

4. Frames 

You may be cringing on the utter mention of photo frames in this list. In fact, who gives photo frames anymore? What if we told you that you can make it luxury? Yes. The Roberto Cavalli Python Gold Frame Photo Frame is the perfect gift option to give not only to members of the top management in your company but also to your most prominent clients. You can purchase it from our website by clicking on this link. Make your top executives feel important on the special day by giving them other gifts by Roberto Cavalli.

5. Champagne Glass 

There is not a better way to celebrate your employees birthday than popping a bottle of champagne. And, the cherry on the cake is when the champagne is sipped out of a beautiful set of glasses. Give your employee a reason to feel special by gifting them a beautiful set of luxury champagne glasses. And, if you do not have a lavish budget to spare, this gift option comes in a wide price range. You can shop for a premium champagne glass set that is not only light on your pocket but will be as special as any luxury gift option. 


We understand that choosing office based gifts can be a tricky affair and we hoped that our suggestions have helped you. These options are not only fit for employee birthdays but for corporate gifting purposes as well. 

If you are looking for a distinctive range of gift options for occasions besides birthdays, we invite you to explore our website. Our gifts are suited for events such as anniversaries, festivals, baby showers, weddings, etc. We also deal in gifts from luxury brands that are synonymous with quality. Names like Roberto Cavalli, Rosenthal, Waterford, Chinelli, etc are some of our associations. 

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