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The Premium Gift For A Friend’s Wedding

The Premium Gift For A Friend’s Wedding

The wedding marks the coming together of absolutely two unique individuals for a lifetime. And, finding gifts for these two unique individuals can be difficult given their choices can be unique too. However, we have come up with a handy guide that will help you in selecting the premium gift for a friend’s wedding. Whether you are looking for a traditional present or a totally unconventional gift item, we have hand-picked these options exclusively to make shopping for gifts an easy experience for you. Our gift options are not only premium but also exclusive so that you will be able to gift a totally unique experience to your friends.

Before you start shopping for gifts, it is important to decide a budget. You can lock this range depending on the fact whether you are giving a gift to your distant friend, work friend, or a close friend. Once, you have decided the budget, you will be able to safely select a gift of your choice with zero chances of overspending. 

After you have decided a budget, you can figure out the range of gift items that fit in it. We have suggested a few gift items with a varied price range in our list below:

Premium Gift Ideas To Gift To Your Friends On Their Wedding

If you are looking for unique and creative gift ideas then try giving them something that is not a part of their registry and absolutely out of the box. Such gestures would mean a lot if you are doing it for a really close friend. You can choose wedding gifts for the couple based on their personality or personal style. 

Here are a few gift options that you can order readily to surprise your friends.

1.) For The Travel Junkies 

It is bound that your friends will travel after the wedding to spend quality time with their spouse. And, in the days to come they will like to go on many more escapades like such with their partner. So, if you know that your friend and the love of their life cannot stay put at home during long weekends and holidays, you can probably give them travel backpacks or suitcases. 

Travel suitcases are easily available and come in varied price ranges. You can choose one depending on the sturdiness, warranty, color, material, etc. These bags are suitable to be taken on vacations, treks, hikes, road trips, etc. 

Shared below are a few options to choose from:

VIP Unisex Travel Trolley Bag

Wildcraft 45 Litres Rucksack

2.) For The Laidback Romantics 

Some of your friends may like to spend laidback romantic evenings with their partners by staying at home and celebrating.Hence, giving them something that sets the mood for a perfect romantic evening would be an ideal gift choice.

It is said that wine and champagne are the ultimate beverages of celebration. Hence, how about gifting a wine holder, stopper, and chiller to your friend? In case you are giving a gift to your office friend then you can play safe by giving them an elegant and stylish luxury dinner set. 

There are many options available in the market so you may tend to get confused. In view thereof, we have shared a list of gift options to be given to your lazybone friends:

Ekaani Basket Wine Bottle Holder

Diamond Wine Stopper

Ekaani Noritake Bountiful Garden Dinner Set

3.) For The Foodies At Heart

For your friends who love to eat there are endless exclusive gift options. You can give them a cookbook to try out new recipes or give them a confectionery box to store their favorite chocolates. And, the list just doesn’t end there. With a set of foodie couples, you are never bound to run out of gifting options.

Food related gifting items are most diverse when it comes to choices and pricing options. They are beautiful and also double as beautiful decor pieces in households. If you can shell out an extra few bucks, there will be no dearth of creative gifting options for you. 

Since the list is practically endless to choose from, we have hand-picked a few gift items for you to choose for your foodie couple friends:

Ekaani 2 Tier Tray With Stone

Ekaani 4-in-1 Gold Chocolate Box

Ekaani Silver Plated Kahwa Set

Our list just doesn’t end here. There are a lot more gifting options to choose from that are available on our website as well as our retail store. To place orders easily from your home, log on to: https://www.ekaani.com/.

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