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What Are Good Wedding Gift Ideas?

Weddings, especially in India are usually a grand event. Families come together to celebrate the union of two very unique individuals entering a commitment for a lifetime. The happiness, fervor, and dreaminess are obvious to brush off on the attendees. Hence, it is only natural that they share some generosity in the form of blessings and gifts.

Now, you will find many blogs on giving gifts to the bride and groom. However, many people ask what gifts shall be given to the first blood relatives of the couple. And, we did not find much relevant advise on the internet.

It is relatively convenient to find a gift for a bride and groom who are beginning a new life together and need things like clothes, appliances, furniture, electronics, or cash to help them settle into it. But, what about the relatives? They likely have most of the stuff already! Feeling stuffed?

Do NOT worry! We are here to help and answer all your questions about good wedding gift ideas.

Only if it is the wedding of someone close to you, will you shop for wedding gifts for the relatives as well. Hence righteously, you should shop for presents that will NOT end up in the corner of the storage room and wither out of the memory of the recipient.

For the couple in the west it is common to have a wedding registry. This registry is usually devised by the couple where they list down the things they need. Guests can usually pick up items from this list and bring it as presents. This makes giving gifts a cakewalk most of the time. However, for one off incidents with regards to an item on the registry, it may so happen that the item you might be willing to gift is selected by somebody else.

Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind to give gifts to:

The Bride and Groom

First things first! It is very crucial to cap a budget for the gift.
Speculate what the couple needs. Alternatively, you can think of something unique that might be very useful for the couple.
Look for different vendors that can deliver the present ON-Time and negotiate the prices.
If you are shopping online, be very particular to check customer reviews. You must do everything to avoid that sort of awkwardness. Be double sure about the quality of the gift.
Once all of that is done, seal the deal. Get rid of the price tags. Do not forget to pack the warranty cards (if any).

The Relatives

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of budgeting!
Take the age of the recipient into consideration. Think of something age appropriate.
You can select various items ranging from wearables, edibles, appliances, gadgets, decor, and a lot more.
Follow steps 3 till 5 from the above section.

If you are still confused, we have shared some literal good wedding gift ideas for the couple as well as their relatives on the list below:


You cannot go wrong with gifting gadgets as the basic idea behind these devices is to make life somewhat less complex. Wearables such as smart watches, etc. come with customizable straps making them a perfect gifting option. Gadgets are also perfect to be given to younger and middle aged relatives of the couple.

God Idols

Every couple needs a little shower of blessings making god idols a good wedding gift idea. You can choose to shop for silver or gold plated God idols to suit the occasion. Besides, God idols will also be an absolutely perfect gift to give to the relatives of the couple.

Wine Bottle Accessories

Wine bottle accessories are an absolutely upclass wedding gift. The couple will definitely cherish it. Furthermore, you can also gift them to the younger relatives of the bride and groom. You can opt for diamond top wine bottle stoppers or wine chiller sets as they are highly trending.


Ornaments are usually very close to the heart of the receiver. Plus, they are beautiful no matter in what shape or size they come. If you want to give something that people will cherish for a long long time then ornaments are the perfect wedding gift option. These are suitable for the couple as well as their relatives of all ages.

Cash and Coupons

If nothing suits your budget and taste or if you are still confused about wedding gift options then what is better than cash or a coupon. Nothing makes people happier than receiving some cold hard cash on their special day. They can use it to their heart’s content. You can also present people with spa coupons and trust us they will be thanking you for life.

With that, our list comes to an end. Do you have any more unique or good wedding gift ideas? Do not forget to let us know.

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