This Janmashtami, Grace Your Home Mandir With Lord Krishna Idols

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The much awaited Hindu festival Krishna Janmashtami is just around the corner and will be celebrated with joy on September 7, 2023 across the country. It marks the birth of the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu - Lord Krishna. Krishna Janmashtami is a significant occasion, celebrations include fasting, Jagran, Rasa Lila, and devotional singing throughout the time when Krishna was born. 

Since the morning of Janmashtami morning, devotees start celebrations by clearing up their home mandirs. People bring new Krishna ji ki murti in their homes to start a new beginning and adorn the murti with accessories and new clothes. According to popular beliefs, the act of decorating the Lord’s idol makes him happy. 

Krishna’s idols are available in various forms throughout his life stages and you can bring any idol to your homes to celebrate. Down below are some idols from Ekaani that are our best sellers and widely loved.  

  • Bal Krishna 

    Having the representation of Bal Krishna in your place of worship brings innocence and divine playfulness. The enchanting smile and crawling pose create a strong devotional and emotional connection for worshippers. Worshipping infant Krishna brings joy, solace, and a sense of intimacy between the divine force and the devotees. Bal Krishna’s idol brings blessings and auspiciousness to home. It forges a divine connection with the Supreme through the childlike innocence and purity. 

    Bring Ekaani’s Laddoo Gopal Murti holding a laddoo home this Janmashtami. The silver coloured murti is made of resin. The size of the idol stands at 7.5 cm, suitable for home mandirs. Adorn the laddoo Gopal with colourful clothing and accessories to celebrate him. 

  • Bal Mukund

    Another Lord Krishna idol to grace your home mandir with the presence of the deity is his Bal Mukund form. We all have loved the tales of Krishna’s childhood and his legendary stories in and around Vrindavan. 

    The Bal Mukund form of Krishna ji ki murti portrays the youthful look and innocence of Krishna. With a flute in one hand and a cow by his side, he can be seen with the look of love in his eyes. The cows have always been an integral part of Lord Krishna’s pastoral life. The idol beautifully captures the essence of his childhood and the sacred cow. It brings all kinds of positive energies in your homes.

  • Lord Krishna with Flute 

    Another Lord Krishna idol that devotees love is Kanhaiya with a flute. The flute calls to the devotees and wins over their hearts. When Kanhaiya plays his flute, the music strikes to the souls. With this Krishna Ji ki murti, devotees are reminded of his everlasting love and guidance. 

    This Janmashtami, bring Lord Krishna with flute from our collection to your humble abode. Lord Krishna can be seen in yellow dhoti with his features highlighted in silver. The detailed resin craftsmanship does justice to the charm of the deity. 

    Complete Your Home Mandir 

    Besides Lord Krishna idol, there are some other elements that you can put in your place of worship to complete the look of your mandir this coming Janmashtami. 

    • Peacock feather - Lord Krishna is known to wear the peacock feather, so having it in your home temple attracts happiness. 
    • Flute - Adorn your home temple with the musical instrument that not only Krishna but his devotees also cannot resist. 
    • Misri & Makhan - You can't put prasad for Lord Krishna lightly. The Lord must be offered prasad - one that’s his favorite misri and makhan. Keep the misri in an airtight jar in your mandir. 

    Shop from Ekaani 

    Ekaani has all kinds of Lord Krishna idols for you to take home and decorate your mandir with the presence of the supreme deity. The idols are crafted with care and perfection that are bound to enhance the brightness of the day and make it more festive. 

    So, scroll through our collection of Lord Krishna’s idols and shop for the one that appeals to you the best.